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The law offices of Brooks, Frank and De la Guardia focuses on one primary area of the law – Bankruptcy.  Our goal is to help clients navigate the bankruptcy process from start to finish.  Much of the process is administrative and occurs away from the court. Our attorneys and staff pride themselves in offering clients competent legal guidance and outstanding service to complete the requirements of the specific type of bankruptcy that is filed on their behalf.

While the firm is capable of handling all types of bankruptcy cases, there are two areas of the federal bankruptcy code in which the firm conducts most of its business.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

Generally for individuals or married couples.  Under this provision of bankruptcy law, many, if not all, of your debts can be eliminated, providing you are eligible.  Most unsecured debt and certain IRS debts may be wiped out and you may be allowed to keep your car and your home after the bankruptcy is discharged.  A qualified bankruptcy attorney can help determine if Chapter 7 is best for you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

This form of bankruptcy allows debtors to keep their property and pay back debts over time, generally a period of three to five years.  It may also be possible to reduce the mortgage on investment property down to its value. Tax liens may be stripped to a fraction of what is owed.  Unsecured creditors may be required to be paid back only a minimal amount of money.

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